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The service brand of Fresenius Medical Care

NephroCare is the service brand of Fresenius Medical Care. We provide services in dialysis centres in more than 30 countries across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

NephroCare is an explicit commitment to excellence in renal patient care focusing efforts on three core elements:

Our dialysis centres

The first centre opened 1994. Today, Fresenius Medical Care is treating more than 87,000 patients in over 860 dialysis centres, providing about 12 million treatments per year in more than 30 countries. This enormous growth is the result of massive and sustained investment in state-of-the-art centres and technologies. The uniform enforcement of strict safety and quality guidelines takes on an ever-increasing importance as we increase in size and capacity. Safety standards and quality guidelines have to be implemented and continuously monitored at all centres in accordance with Fresenius Medical Care's high quality standards.

Our employees

NephroCare has over 22,000 staff committed to delivering the highest possible quality of care. We are aware of our responsibility to empower our staff through a modern cooperative working environment, including our employees in organisational and work related decision-making and enabling their continuous professional and social development.

Our patients

All that we do within NephroCare is aimed at providing our patients with a better quality of life. Fresenius Medical Care works to provide the appropriate renal care for each patient, using advanced technologies to enable the best therapies, while taking the time to listen to patients and understand their needs. Only then can we empower patients to assume responsibility and thus ensure high-quality care.

NephroCare’s commitment to excellence and the resulting comprehensive business model drives us to work closely with the healthcare authorities to ensure affordable renal care, now and in the future, for the maximum possible number of patients.