Our new winter edition of NephroCare for me is now available. Enjoy reading the magazine full of exciting stories from... More
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Antonio Maia is part of the NephroCare-Maia clinic team and a man of many talents. His story deserves to be shared. More
Welcome to our new summer edition of NephroCare for me, fully packed with interesting articles, tasty recipes and... More
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As a dialysis patient, following special nutritional... More
For Fresenius Medical Care the health and safety of our... More
When the body falls ill, a stable emotional state is all the more relevant. It helps us to overcome the illness faster... More
How do you pass the time while on dialysis? Do you watch television or enjoy your reading? Or do you use the time for a... More
In our NephroCare centres people from different countries... More
The nurses in your home dialysis centres are essential contact persons for you. Have you ever thought about their other... More

Winter recipes

When temperatures drop outside, we are looking forward to a warming meal. Try out two delectable dishes that are... More
NephroCare for me magazine winter 2019

New NC4me Winter edition

Welcome to the new winter edition of NephroCare for me! A broad range of topics is waiting for you. As always, we aim... More
Having diabetes and being on dialysis does not mean that you... More
A Turkish couple tells an inspiring story of love and hope.... More
Do you ever wonder how the locals live and interact when you... More
The organs in our bodies are closely connected. Kidneys and... More

Let the travel bug bite you!

Have you ever wanted to travel and felt discouraged due to... More
Two very recreational and enjoyable ways of getting around... More
It is possible to be professionally fulfilled while on... More
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Summer recipes

Are you craving something fresh and tasty during the summer?... More
With the sun and the abundance of nature come the... More

NC4me edition Summer 2019

Have a look at our new edition of NephroCare for me. It is full of sun, travel, light and scrumptious cuisine and... More
Fat is an essential – and delicious – part of healthy eating. However, choosing the right type of fat or oil is very... More