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Winter time
Winter is a time for relaxing and getting together with family and friends. We want to share some reflections about this... More
Vitamins so named because they are vital to health – are organic nutrients that help your body use the food you eat.... More
The new winter edition of NephroCare for me is now available and offers a variety of interesting topics. More
In our current country special we want to give you an... More
skin care
A surprisingly large number of chronic dialysis patients suffer from the tiresome problems of dry skin and itching. More

My life, my adventure

Once in a while we get to know special people who overcome... More

What’s for breakfast

Let’s have a look at typical breakfast tables around the... More

Feeling the summer heat

It’s summertime! That means fun and joy for many, yet many... More

The woman behind the recipes

Have you ever wondered who chooses the mouthwatering recipes for NephroCare for me? Nicole Voigt, 37, puts her heart and... More

A gift of flowers

In this patient story from Romania we tell you about the... More
summer recipes

Summer recipes

The summer brings sun and heat, so we all long for light... More
A kidney transplant is one of several treatment... More
Nephro Care for me Summer 2018
The new summer edition of NephroCare for me is waiting for you! More
Palm trees and the High Atlas Mountains

Inspired by Morocco

A visit to Morocco promises a rich bazaar of landscapes,... More
A change in perspective: from patient to nurse
For a handful of people, kidney disease, dialysis and talk... More

Pass the cheese, please

In many countries of the world, cheese is a dietary staple. Grated, melted or sliced, any way you cut it cheese is a... More
Easter is getting close and in this festive season we spent... More
Blood pressure and kidney disease often go hand in hand. In... More

Patient voices

A chronic kidney disease brings a great many changes with... More
NephroCare website for dialysis patients
When you want information about treatment, care and thriving... More
Fuerteventura – the Jandía Dialysis Centre (NephroCare)

Kick back in the Canaries

The Canary Islands, located off Africa’s north-western... More
As the end of the year comes to a close, many of us take... More
What’s your favourite wintertime activity? Do you love... More
Winter mealtime inspiration More
Winter’s arrival doesn’t have to mean the end of delicious...More
Maybe you have noticed how after each dialysis session,... More
In this edition of NephroCare for me we whet your appetite... More

Not just black & white

Photography is many things. An art. A way of preserving... More

How to stay fit on dialysis

Many dialysis patients have questions about balancing...More
It's a great pleasure to announce that Israel is joining the... More

Yum – the fruits of summer

When summer’s tastiest fruits make their debut at local... More
From May to September, ice cream is a delightful treat for... More

Silver surfers ahead!

Technology is rapidly changing our society and lives.... More

Dedicated to our patients

Over 3,900 people walk through the doors of the 58... More

Frozen summer treats & more

On a hot summer day, there really is nothing more... More
Touch, smell, taste, and see: gardening stimulates nearly... More
In this edition of NephroCare for me we close our daily... More