Winter’s arrival doesn’t have to mean the end of delicious fresh vegetables. While the selection is not as colourful or broad as in spring, summer and autumn, there are still plenty of...More
Maybe you have noticed how after each dialysis session, your nurse carefully removes the needle before preforming haemostasis, the stoppage of bleeding. Haemostasis is essential to your...More
In this edition of NephroCare for me we whet your appetite by presenting tasty winter vegetables and cheese. Morocco is introduced in our country special...More
Sun. Sep 17, 2017

Not just black & white

Photography is many things. An art. A way of preserving meaningful moments and memories. A passion for some, a profession for others. In the age of smartphones, many of us document...More
Thu. Sep 07, 2017

How to stay fit on dialysis

Many dialysis patients have questions about balancing physical exercise with dialysis. Similarly, some of our colleagues at NephroCare in Coimbra, Portugal, a beautiful city that’s home to...More
Mon. Aug 07, 2017

Yum – the fruits of summer

When summer’s tastiest fruits make their debut at local markets, they can be hard to resist. But when you are on dialysis, it’s important to know which you can enjoy and...More
From May to September, ice cream is a delightful treat for young and old alike. Whether you’re a classic vanilla kind of guy or gal, or like to test new flavours like green tea, the...More
Mon. Jul 10, 2017

Silver surfers ahead!

Technology is rapidly changing our society and lives. Thanks to the Internet, we can now stay informed and in touch more easily than ever. Today, a growing number of people over the age of...More
Sun. Jun 25, 2017

Dedicated to our patients

Over 3,900 people walk through the doors of the 58 NephroCare clinics in Spain every day for dialysis treatment and share a sig­nificant part of their day with us. Not long ago, we decided to hold...More
Mon. Jun 12, 2017

Frozen summer treats & more

On a hot summer day, there really is nothing more refreshing than frozen summer treats, like carrot ice cream with honey or creamy frozen yoghurt. These frozen treats are both light...More
Touch, smell, taste, and see: gardening stimulates nearly all of the senses. It’s a chance to literally get hands on and in touch with the earth, for example while preparing and planting...More
In this edition of NephroCare for me we close our daily bread series by exploring bread history and...More
Wed. May 03, 2017

The best of the United Kingdom

With its vibrant mix of people, countries, landscapes and sights the United Kingdom is above all diverse. While some may bemoan the climate, for others the islands’ milder temperatures make the UK an...More
Undergoing dialysis three times a week does not have to mean an end to foreign travel and holidays. "Holiday dialysis" gives patients the opportunity to visit other More
Easter is around the corner and in this festive season we spent a lot of time sharing with the family and food is always a highly relevant topic, especially for patients on dialysis who have the...More
Mon. Mar 13, 2017

Let the games begin!

Chess, Backgammon, Scrabble or Uno – all this table top games share one advantage. All you need is a basic game set, one or more players and a table to plan on. Ask a few neighbours, family...More
Mon. Feb 27, 2017

A taste of Latin America

Experience the wealth of culture Latin American countries offer in your very own kitchen with our recipes that range from Argentina, Peru, Colombia to Brazil. Firstly, there is the Empanada — a...More
Mon. Feb 13, 2017

Unforgettable eyes

Experiencing love for the first time is a monumental part of transitioning from childhood to adulthood. For Nelu Enache, former pilot and current NephoCare dialysis patient, his personal experience...More
Mon. Jan 30, 2017

Trend: Colour me relaxed

When life gets stressful, it’s time to turn to the latest trend: colouring books. For adults! Yes, you read correctly, one of childhood’s greatest activities has been updated and upgraded to help us...More
Mon. Jan 16, 2017

Passionate about painting

Being born with a chronic illness changes your perspective on life. From the time she was a newborn baby, Nilay Aydınoğlu has had to cope with various medical conditions, including chronic kidney...More
Mon. Jan 02, 2017

Maintain your energy level

Just as a car needs fuel to run, we need sufficient energy for all our activities, be it mental or physical. If you have too little energy, you feel tired and weak, your body is more susceptible to...More
May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through!   We wish you and your loved ones Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!   More
Are you interested in getting an automatic update on the newest NephroCare News or new interesting content? From now on you can sign up for our new News Feed. In 3 simple steps you can register...More
Well, it is December, and Christmas is almost here
Another happy Christmas for family and good cheer…
Christmas is around the corner and in this festive season we spent a lot of time...More
Tue. Nov 22, 2016

Homemade christmas gifts

This year, take the stress and the guessing game out of holiday gift-giving by making homemade presents. Not only is making them a blast, the recipients will also appreciate getting something that...More
Mon. Nov 07, 2016

Hungary goes for Gold!

Receiving the diagnosis of chronic kidney disease is life-changing. But it doesn’t have to change everything about your life. For the 9th year running, athletes, who also happen to be transplant...More
For two decades, we at Fresenius Medical Care have cared for thousands of patients worldwide. Courage and energy were also required in 1996 when Fresenius AG’s CEO had the idea of taking over the...More
In this edition of NephroCare for me, we return with a third installment of our daily bread series. This time we’re off to South America for a look at the tasty staples in this part...More
Mon. Oct 03, 2016

One man, many words

Serdar Kabas tells about his experience with home haemodialysis. "Just after I started working my doctor sat me down and told me I had renal failure and would need to begin dialysis. Step by step...More
Mother of a large family, wife, acclaimed artist, dialysis patient: Dulce Vieira from Portugal is a woman who has worn many guises – and lived long to tell her tale. Dulce’s life-long love of the...More