Mon. Jun 12, 2017

Frozen summer treats & more

On a hot summer day, there really is nothing more refreshing than frozen summer treats, like carrot ice cream with honey or creamy frozen yoghurt. These frozen treats are both light and easy to make. Bring together sour and sweet flavours in one tasty bowl while trying a chilled cherry soup; nothing is more refreshing on a balmy summer day. The jewish Bialy bagels are traditionally made with onions, sesame, poppy seeds, salt and pepper. However, you can experiment all you want and add your favourite ingredients for the summer’s best flavours. Stewed plums are the classic accompaniment to Kaiserschmarrn in Austria, but it also tastes great with other dishes or as a hot or cold preserve.

Celebrate the warm weather with these delicious summer recipes. If you want to see more kidney friendly recipes explore our Good Food Recipe Library developed by nutritionists especially for patients on dialysis, where you can find a wide variety of international recipes; with their nutritional values and also nutrition tips, to help you manage your diet.     

Enjoy the summer with: