Body and mind are one

Mental health is as important as physical health. A stable emotional state is all the more critical when physical health is impaired. It is good to know the signs of emotional distress and when to seek support. How are you coping?

Mental health is just as important as the health of any vital organ in our body, heart, kidneys, lungs, or any other. Patients undergoing dialysis can experience different levels of emotional struggle. Their thoughts often revolve around side effects and consequences of chronic kidney disease. They may also be exposed to a broad range of psychological stress symptoms that affect their mental state and, implicitly, their general quality of life. Through these symptoms, the most frequent of which are fears, the emotional sufferings described above can become more intense and complicated. It is also what happens when minor frustrations are magnified to burdensome dimensions. Such a development may generate problems of increasing degrees regarding psychological functions which may then even impair the patient’s treatment compliance. 

Life is so much about taking pleasure in the little things around us. Listening to beautiful music, watching birds picking at seeds in the birdhouse in front of the window, investing oneself in a gratifying hobby or hearing the laughter of children – there is so much that can make us smile, bring some joy or a state of cheerful serenity. An awareness for moments like these is important in times of illness. Take the time to see and hear what can warm your heart. Enjoyable moments are a balm for our soul. 

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