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How to stay fit on dialysis

Many dialysis patients have questions about balancing physical exercise with dialysis. Similarly, some of our colleagues at NephroCare in Coimbra, Portugal, a beautiful city that’s home to Portugal’s oldest university, were curious to find out how physical activity affects patients in their centre. So they decided to conduct an internal project under the lead of a nurse Pedro Martins, the innovative exercise programme became available to the patients. Patient safety was a top priority at all times and participants had to first obtain clearance from their physicians to join in. The results were clear: patients who participated in the exercise programme gained energy and improved their personal well-being.

"Since starting this programme, my daily routine has improved," says Maria do Céu Sacadura, haemodialysis patient and exercise programme participant at NephroCare Coimbra. Let this unique programme inspire you to be more active each day – in a way that suits you and reflects your physician’s recommendations, of course.

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