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Kidney friendly winter recipes for you

Winter mealtime inspiration

Uncertain what dishes to whip up this winter? Well, we have a whole new stock of delicious kidney-friendly recipes waiting to tantalise your taste buds in our “Good food recipe library”. Winter’s star ingredients really shine in seasonal dishes like pumpkin quiche or warm red cabbage salad with goats cheese and capers. Should you be hosting or contributing to a seasonal event or meal, discover our festive roast pork recipe that is sure to please a crowd (and is surprisingly easy to prepare!) Maybe you want a dish that will delight young and old. In that case, stuffed pancakes with cheese and honey perfectly fit the bill. Start browsing the recipe library to find wintertime meal inspiration now!

For this special time we prepare Winter Recipes which fit your nutritional needs, the recipes are also based on our 5 Good Food Routine.

If you want to see more kidney friendly recipes explore our Good Food Recipe Library.

Discover how surprisingly rich winter’s bounty can be:

Stuffed pancakes with cheese and honey

Fried Belgian endive with salmon fillet

Warm red cabbage salad with goat’s cheese and capers

Roast pork

Savoy cabbage mash

Pumpkin quiche