Maintain energy & fight winter blues

When the days are shorter and the temperatures chilly, it’s easy to want to stay curled up inside with a good book or catch up on our favourite shows on TV. But getting up and going outdoors lets us enjoy wintertime in all its beauty – and helps us feel good.

Some of us take a little convincing to put our favourite indoor activities aside, get bundled up and brave the cooler temperatures. If you are one of those people, remember that going outdoors is good for your mind and body. As long as we are dressed appropriately, being active outside – even just a leisurely walk down the street – helps our bodies produce feel-good hormones and exposes us to light. This is especially important in winter: because there are fewer hours of daylight and the cold makes us want to hibernate indoors, some people are prone to the so-called winter blues.  

Enjoying cooler temperatures starts with wearing the right clothing.
Our recommended approach to comfortably combating the cold: wear layers. This method of bundling up is smart because it keeps you toasty when you are outside, and if you go into a shop to browse it’s easy to remove a layer or two. When it’s really cold, thermals provide an extra layer of warmth below normal clothes and can help protect your fistula from the cold, which is very important for dialysis patients. Also, remember to wear warm socks and comfortable, weather-appropriate shoes. If you have sensitive feet because of diabetes or an-other medical condition you should take extra special care to protect your feet from the chill.