NC4me edition Summer 2019

Have a look at our new edition of NephroCare for me. It is full of sun, travel, light and scrumptious cuisine and outdoor activities.

In our current edition of NephroCare for me, the sunny season provides the backdrop for an exciting and entertaining range of topics. We want to encourage you to travel and meet people from other countries. Learn about the beauty and uniqueness of different customs and cultures. Let us take you on scenic guided tours throughout different regions. Do you want to discover them on foot or by bike? It is your choice. To be well-prepared for any trip, find out how to plan your holiday dialysis ahead of time.

Do you know how chronic kidney disease might affect eyesight and how eye impairment can be prevented? Read on. Also, draw comfort from our inspiring stories from fellow patients about how they balance work and dialysis treatments.

Do you enjoy cooking? We have chosen delectable summer recipes for you to try at home. While you’re at it, discover the possibilities of summer cuisine which adheres to your phosphate intake. Plus, you can test your renal knowledge with our quiz.

Enjoy the summer and have fun reading our new issue of NephroCare for me!