New NC4me Winter edition

Welcome to the new winter edition of NephroCare for me! A broad range of topics is waiting for you. As always, we aim for informing, entertaining and diverting you.

NephroCare for me magazine winter 2019

Is there a better way to forget about the cold outside than being diverted by a colourful variety of topics? That is what we try to give you once again in our winter edition of NephroCare for me. We want to take your mind off the treatment and let it travel towards inspiring destinations. We present Finland, for example – a land of calm and contrasts. It is definitely worth a visit, as our text and pictures show. Portugal is on our agenda due to a fantastic concept to increase your physical activity – during dialysis!

We also present astonishing pastimes. There is, for example, a fellow patient with an unusual hobby which he carries out during his time on dialysis. And we have a look behind the scenes of NephroCare. You will find the story of an unusual international friendship that spans across countries and continents. We also touch on a more philosophical aspect concerning the people around you – your nurses. First and foremost, the image of the profession was shaped by one extraordinary lady around 150 years ago.

A couple of other topics and a new set of brain calisthenics went into the magazine, too. Did that arouse your interest? Have a good time browsing our latest issue of NephroCare for me here!

NephroCare for me magazine winter 2019