New NephroCare for me edition Winter 2020

Our new winter edition of NephroCare for me is now available. Enjoy reading the magazine full of exciting stories from our network, heartening articles and tasty recipes!

One of the characteristic features of the year 2020 has been the Covid-19 pandemic. This is why our magazine deals with how people cope with the pandemic.  A nurse from Italy tells one of her patients’ moving story recovering from Covid-19. We also share how nurses in Spain and whole Fresenius Medical Care teams from different countries experienced and dealt with the situation. Also, we provide you with some tips about preventive measures against infection with Covid-19, the flu and a common cold.

Not everything is about Covid-19, though. Winter is also the festive season. Did you know how many different traditions people celebrate in their respective countries? If you don’t, you will discover a lot in our wintertime article. Wintertime is also a time for presents. We prepared some inspiring suggestions for homemade gifts which come from the heart.

For our gourmets among us there is a rice special available to read trough. Where does rice come from? How is it cultivated? What is good to know when dealing with it in your kitchen? We also tell you the story behind the title question: Have you eaten your rice today? It goes without saying that our recipes are about rice, too. They look and sound delicious.  Maybe you would like to try them, too?

Have a good time with this NephroCare for me issue, stay at home, keep warm and, most importantly, get through the winter without a cold. Enjoy the holiday season! You can start reading here!