New NephroCare for me edition Winter 2021

Our new winter edition of the NephroCare for me magazine is now available and it is fully packed with interesting articles, tasty recipes and inspiring stories from our NephroCare community!

As we are preparing this edition of “For Me”, Covid-19 is still a topic that is on everyone’s mind. You will feel the same way we do – it is a true test of our patience and discipline, and it’s not easy.

That’s why we have dedicated our most important story to a topic that is especially important in these times – Health-related Quality of Life. This magazine has been created to improve our patients’ quality of life and we are convinced that Health-related Quality of Life is the big next step in dialysis care. Our cover story will give you more insights and valuable suggestions on how to keep it high and how to get more out of life.

But theory is good – practice is even better. That’s why we have added the stories of three patients, letting you know that you are not alone, and that life can be good even with chronic kidney disease. We hope that the stories of Milena, Nica and Goran will inspire you as much as they inspired us.

We all know that one very important aspect of Health-related Quality of Life is directly connected to how we eat. It’s so crucial that we don’t just look at it as nutrition but as something that gives us joy. This issue feature four delicious recipes that hopefully make you feel really good.

As always, we are taking a look around the NephroCare network. This time, we are sharing a fascinating report from Poland about the vaccination of our patients there.

And last but not least: it’s time to exercise! This time we will focus on flexibility and mobility with “Stretch for improved wellbeing”. And you will see: it really increases your quality of life.

You can start reading here!