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Not just black & white

Photography is many things. An art. A way of preserving meaningful moments and memories. A passion for some, a profession for others. In the age of smartphones, many of us document every second of our lives in digital snapshots. But photography wasn’t always so easy and omnipresent. In fact, not that long ago, taking pictures was reserved for special occasions and, before that, for the very wealthy.

You could say the 20th century was traditional photography’s golden age. Techniques were refined, making snapshots clearer. But the emergence of colour is what really revolutionized the art – and made it a closer reflection of real life. People could now record events as they experienced it, down to the red party dress and dapper navy suit. This gave way to photography as a pastime. Something that remains hugely popular today.

Discover with us more about photography’s past, present and future – from the original camera obsucra to the latest digital devices.