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Summertime favourite: ice cream

From May to September, ice cream is a delightful treat for young and old alike. Whether you’re a classic vanilla kind of guy or gal, or like to test new flavours like green tea, the possibilities are endless. The good news: as a kidney patient, you, too, can treat yourself to a scoop now and then. But what’s what when it comes to ice cream, gelato and co.? Here’s a quick guide.

Ice cream: Typically made of cream or milk, sugar or other sweetener, eggs and flavouring.

Gelato: Italian-style ice cream that is softer, denser and, arguably, more concentrated in flavour than traditional ice cream.

Frozen yoghurt: Tarter and tangier than ice cream or gelato, it contains milk, yoghurt cultures, a sweetener and flavourings.

Sorbet: Made without dairy or eggs, it’s a sweetened, flavoured ice-based treat. Commonly contains fruit, though chocolate and champagne are also possible.

Italian ice: Often dairy and egg free like sorbet, and comes in a range of fruit flavours.

Now that we’ ve whet your appetite, find two yummy kidney-friendly ice cream recipes in the Good food recipe library. If you have questions about making kidney-friendly food choices, we invite you to explore the nutrition section.  You can also ask your nephrologist or dietician for advice.