We wish you happy and delicious Easter holidays!

Easter is getting close and in this festive season we spent a lot of time sharing with the family and food is always a highly relevant topic, especially for patients on dialysis who have the challenge of sticking to their healthy and safe eating habits.

For these holidays we prepared several Easter Recipes which fit your nutritional needs, the recipes are also based on our 5 Good Food Routines; discover how you can still enjoy delicious food, just following these routines!

If you want to see more kidney friendly recipes explore our Good Food Recipe Library developed by nutritionists especially for patients on dialysis, where you can find a wide variety of international recipes; with their nutritional values and also nutrition tips, to help you manage your diet.

Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!

Mona de Pascua
Mazurka Polish easter cake
Lamb chops
Burek pie with meat