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Winter vegetables – so delicious

Winter’s arrival doesn’t have to mean the end of delicious fresh vegetables. While the selection is not as colourful or broad as in spring, summer and autumn, there are still plenty of seasonal varieties to enjoy after the cold sets in.

Explore with us the highlights of winter’s bounty:

  • Cabbage – various types from Brussels sprouts to kale     
  • Root vegetables – try black salsify, carrots and leeks
  • Belgian endive – highly versatile, both raw and cooked
  • Purslane –  Elevate your wintertime salads
  • Sunchokes – the perfect potato substitute
  • Pumpkin – carved into a jack-o-lantern or chopped for the hob

We also share a number of kidney-friendly preparation tips and recipes to boost your creativity and delight your taste buds in the months to come. Read on for all the details.