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Yum – the fruits of summer

When summer’s tastiest fruits make their debut at local markets, they can be hard to resist. But when you are on dialysis, it’s important to know which you can enjoy and which ones to limit or avoid altogether.

This advice is especially true for renal patients who must closely monitor their potassium intake. If that applies to you, choosing the right type of fruit and/or optimum fruit prepa­ration method can make all the difference. Kidney-friendlier summer fruits include strawberries, blueberries and watermelon. Meanwhile, you should avoid fruits like apricots, honeydew melon and black currants.

For fresh fruit chooseEnjoy cooked, soaked or preservedAvoid or limit to very small quantities
BlueberryRed currantHoneydew melon
LingonberryMangoBlack currant
Sea buckthornPeachPassion fruit
Sour cherryPlumJackfruit
LemonSweet cherryPomegranate
Cactus fruitGrapeDried fruit


If you are uncertain which fruits to consume, use this helpful table as a reference. In the left column, you’ll find a list of good fresh fruit choices. In the middle, there’s an overview of which fruits to cook, soak or preserve before eating. The right column outlines which fresh fruit you should avoid or consume minimally.

Discover more about selecting summertime fruit, the right preparation and other foods that are good for dialysis patients, in our online nutrition section.