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Antalya - Pearl of the Turkish Riviera

Home to many popular seaside resorts along the Turkish Riviera, Antalya, the name of both the area’s capital city and the region, offers a lovely mix of historical charm, stunning mountains and perfect beaches along the most stunning part of Turkey's Mediterranean coast.

And just a few kilometres outside the historic town centre you will find one beautiful beachfront resort after the other, the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the ocean.

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Activities & Sights

Visitors to the city of Antalya looking to do more than just relax will appreciate a stroll through Kaleiçi, the historical centre within the old city walls. The area has seen a renaissance in recent years, with many of the wooden Ottoman mansions being restored and turned into boutique hotels. No cars are allowed in the narrow streets of the old town, so it is a good place to soak up the atmosphere around the charming harbour. The symbol of Antalya is the fluted minaret or Yivli Minare, built by the Seljuks in the 13th century. There are plenty of interesting pieces in the Archaeological Museum, from the Palaeolithic Age right through to Ottoman times. One more popular attraction and landmark: an old stone clock tower from the Ottoman Empire. The monumental Hadrian's Gate, named after a Roman emperor, is a triumphal arch called “three gates” in Turkish represents another beautiful sight with ornate detail and a fascinating history. The two sides which have survived through the present day as undamaged lean against the walls of the citadel and in 1960 it was fully restored.

Off to the Mediterranean seaside

Just as the country of Turkey appeals to a wide range of tastes, the region of Antalya offers a beach for everyone. One of the most famous destinations for beach holidays, just 5 kilometres from Antalya, is the tourist hub called Lara beach, which attracts thousands of tourists every year with it’s long stretched, fine sandy beaches and delightful beach hotel resorts offering rich amenities, restaurants, entertainment and beach clubs.

Patara –Turkey’s longest strip of sand

Away from Antalya’s main tourist areas are many secluded beaches. 18-kilometre-long Patara beach, the longest beach in all of Turkey, is a natural gem located in a national park. The soft sand and shallow water are the perfect breeding ground for an indigenous species of turtle that lives and nests there. Since the turtles have become endangered, strict rules have governed the beaches use and limit development, thereby preserving this spectacular natural sight.

Another popular beach location is Konya Alti Plaji, characterized by its breath-taking panoramic view of the blue ocean next to the long stretched, white beach and graceful Taurus mountains in the background.

Popular historic sites of Antalya region

If you are interested in experiencing more of the region’s historic sites, there is plenty to choose from in close vicinity. Approximately 18 kms from Antalya, Perge was an important city in Pamphylia and was visited by St.Paul during his missionary journeys. Today, the city gate flanked by lofty towers, the ancient theatre and baths are of interest.

Just 50 kms east of Antalya, Aspendos was an important centre of trade during Roman times. Today, the most impressive aspect of Aspendos is its famous theatre, which was built in approx. 162 AD. It seats 15,000 and has been beautifully preserved. Each year it hosts the Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival which takes place in June and July and gives you the opportunity to see performances of classics in a magnificent setting. Another impressive relic is the ancient aqueduct, which supplied water to the city once and still is well maintained.

Another recommendation for enthusiasts of ancient history is the city of Phaselis: Set in a forest of pine trees and surrounded by a national park, the three harbours of this Lycian port city were once a major commercial centre. In the shelter of Mount Tahtalı,it is a popular stopover for yachts, and its clear waters and sandy beaches are desired by sun-seekers. The remains are mostly Roman and include a theatre, baths, aqueducts, an agora and an acropolis.


The offer of different kinds of accommodation in the region of Antalya is endless: You can choose from beautiful boutique hotels near the historic old town, budget hostels or bed & breakfasts in the city centre or the monumental beach holiday resorts along the coastline.

Culinary & Culture

The rich history of Antalya can also be traced back in different museums or collections like the Antalya Archaeological Museum, just in case you experience one of the very few rainy days of the year.

Especially in the narrow streets and colourful bazaars of Antalya city the tempting scents and flavours of traditional Mediterranean and Turkish food and snacks mixed with other culinary influences of the cities multi-ethnic society will captivate every visitor. As part of your cultural experience you should try some of the local delights like famous Turkish tea, falafel, kebabs or fresh seafood. However, be mindful with the size of your portions and hydration and don’t forget about your diet plan.


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