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Calabria - A journey to the land of Pythagoras

Land kissed by the sun and embraced by two seas, the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian, crossroads between east and west, offers perfect balance between nature, culture and ancient traditions,

Calabria is a territory of unique charm, a magical place where you can find yourself. Cradle of ancient civilizations, it has been crossed over the centuries by illustrious peoples from all over the Mediterranean basin, from the Greeks to the Romans, from the Jews to the Arabs, from the Byzantines to the Spaniards, strongly influencing their language, architecture and traditions. Territory with incredible landscapes, it is the ideal destination for every holiday need: for lovers of nature, the sea and hiking: countless paths between rocky coasts, golden sand coasts overlooking crystal clear waters and an unspoiled hinterland populated by woods, rugged mountains, lakes and towering waterfalls.

Furthermore, the pride of the region in the world, its fragrant citrus fruits, cedar and bergamot, from which the fresh summer aromatic essences are extracted, deserve a note. Catapulted into the spotlight all over the world thanks to the discovery in the sea of ​​the famous Riace Bronzes, two imposing bronze statues dating back to the 5th century B.C., has recently experienced a renewed tourist success also thanks to the brilliant events in the cultural, gastronomic and sports fields organized every year in the area.

In the NephroCare® dialysis center Cosenza in Montalto Uffugo, Calabria, hemodialysis treatment is performed with cutting-edge materials, methods and technologies, with the possibility of carrying out various dialysis methods using the latest generation of artificial kidneys: Online hemodiafiltration (HDF OL) with membrane high permeability and very biocompatible, Hemodialysis in bicarbonate with very biocompatible (HD) membranes.

Our doctors and all the nursing and auxiliary support staff consider the human factor in the face of disease as the central point of the relationship with patients: sharing the objective of Quality to meet the expectations of each of our interlocutors, in a most serene climate and dynamic as possible, we are aware that the quality of the staff is a fundamental factor.

The center, open all year round, will be happy to accommodate the requests of even the most demanding patients with two shifts one in the morning at h 07:00 and one in the afternoon at h 14:00 from Monday to Saturday.

Located in Montalto Uffugo, the unit is very close by to Cosenza and the nearest seaside places where to enjoy a holiday dialysis by the seaside without stress.   

Activities & Sights

Montalto Uffugo, between lace and lace to discover ancient crafts.

Among the many ancient villages of which Calabria is rich, Montalto Uffugo is certainly worth a visit. Its neoclassical Cathedral better known as the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Serra, stands on an imposing staircase. The centre is full of historic buildings, monuments and large convent complexes in which precious paintings and sculptures are kept: from the Church of the Madonna delle Grazie to the Bell Tower up to the monument dedicated to Ruggiero Leoncavallo, the illustrious Italian composer to whom the city every year dedicates the famous Music Festival. Between narrow alleys, ancient palaces and churches, you finally enter the remains of the ancient feudal castle. In the mountain belt close to the city, there is the Natural Park of the Crati Valley through whose natural paths it is possible to walk to the Sanctuary of San Francesco da Paola inside which the mausoleum of Girolamo and Anna Alimena is kept. Finally, the ancient village of Caldopiano should be noted, to be visited during the famous chestnut festival.

Cosenza, from "Athens of Italy" to a high-tech city.

About twenty kilometres away, Cosenza, also known as the City of the Bruzi, is one of the oldest cities in Calabria. Famous for being the birthplace of illustrious philosophers and humanists, it also deserves the reputation of Athens of Italy. Cosenza is also home toa renowned Academy, making it a lively city in step with the times. Among many, Cosenza’s long cycle path that leads to the Bridge of San Francesco Paola, the River Park navigable by kayak and canoe and the title of "European City of Sport" deserve a note. Cosenza also offers extensive green areas open to the public including Villa Vecchia, Parco Morrone, Parco delle Rimembranze, Villa Nuova, and Parco Nicholas Green.

Clinging to the slope of the Pancrazio hill stands the old city where you can breathe a magical medieval atmosphere. The historic centre is one of the most beautiful in Italy, with monumental buildings, noble palaces, churches surrounded by narrow, winding alleys and charming squares. The City is rich in theatrical and cultural initiatives organized at the Consentia Itinera Museum, a multimedia journey through the history and legends of the city, the historic Cinemateatro Italia, the Stable Innovation Theatre of Calabria, the Museum of Remembrance, the Museo dei Brettii, the National Gallery, the Science Museum with the Planetarium and the new exhibition spaces of the BoCs Art Museum, in the fifteenth-century complex of San Domenico. The Bilotti open-air museum is also of great visual impact with a fascinating journey through the sculptures of Dalì, Modigliani, De Chirico, Pomodoro, Manzù and Paladino.Not to be missed a visit to the Comics Festival held yearly in the Museum of Comics in the Norman Swabian Castle.  Among the noteworthy monuments are the Cathedral, the Church of San Domenico and the churches of San Francesco d'Assisi and San Francesco di Paola. In addition, the excavations of the ancient cities of Thurii and Sibari, the excavations of Laos near Santa Maria del Cedro and the Grotta del Romito in Papasidero are worth a visit.

Journey among the most beautiful beaches of Calabria

Amantea, retracing the journey of Ulysses

A handful of kilometres from Montalto Uffugo, Amantea is one of the most fascinating villages of the Tyrrhenian coast with the ancient village perched on the rocky hill where the Castle and the Marina lie along the coast close to the enchanting beaches. Between sunny alleys, nineteenth-century buildings and lush gardens, you reach the Castle where you can gaze at the Tyrrhenian and the horizon. Surrounded by rugged and wild nature, the Grotto is worth a visit, through which, retracing the ancient secret passage, you enter the fortified walls. Clear and transparent water in which enchanting rocks and beaches of fine sand emerge, characterize the wonderful coast. Do not miss the blue Oasis Scogli d'Isca, the Secca della Limoncella, a well-known photography site and place of passage for dolphins, and the Coreca cliff.

Paola, Fiumefreddo Bruzio and Cetraro, in the “Land of the cedars “.

Clear and crystalline water and wide equipped beaches distinguish Paola, the most renowned centre of the Riviera dei Cedri, an ideal location to spend a wonderful holiday at any time of the year. Numerous clubs, bars, restaurants and delightful local craft shops overlook the seafront to satisfy every kind of need and curiosity. In the historic centre, the characteristic fan-shaped Fountain of the Seven Canals, located at the foot of a long staircase leading to the Church of the Rosary, the ancient Clock Tower, the Church of the Madonna di Montevergine and the Sanctuary of San Francesco are worth a visit. Situated on a rocky wall, you can encounter the mighty Norman Tower of the Castle and the underground church of Sotterra.

A few kilometres from Paola, Fiumefreddo Bruzio was elected one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.With the old castle, the Church of San Rocco and the Chiesa Matrice, the imposing access gates, as well as the elegant noble palaces and the graceful panoramic squares the village definitely stands out.

Terme Luigiane, wellness by the sea.

Near the seaside resorts of the Riviera dei Cedri, the Terme Luigiane represent a centre of excellence for thermal treatments and personal well-being. The Acquaviva Thermal Park, an oasis surrounded by greenery and tranquillity, and the brand-new Wellness Centre are part of the complex. To combine care and the pleasure of a beach holiday, a shuttle is always available to reach the wonderful beaches of the coast. There are also numerous places of artistic and naturalistic interest to venture out to discover the area.

Sila and Aspromonte National Park, holiday between mountains and sea.

Among centuries-old beech forests, snow-capped mountains, clear streams surrounded by silence, the Sila and Aspromonte National Parks are two of the largest Nature Reserves in Europe. In the Sila National Park, the landscapes of the Valli Cupe are unforgettable, full of waterfalls and fresh springs populated by the Giants of Fallistro, age-old pines guardians of nature. To discover the Sila National Park, you can venture aboard the Sila Train, an old steam locomotive capable of taking passengers to the highest railway station in Europe at an altitude of 1400 meters. In Aspromonte the fragrant Mediterranean scrub alternates with the mountain landscape giving rise to unique territories such as Rocca del Drago and the milk boilers.


White beaches, cliffs overlooking the sea, clear and crystalline waters, ancient medieval villages, lots of culture and low prices make Calabria the ideal destination to spend your holidays. For beach holiday lovers and families with children, the hotels and charming holiday homes on the coast are the ideal solution thanks to the splendid sea, the equipped beaches and the numerous tourist services offered. In the evening the villages come alive and the nightlife reserves pleasant discoveries: trendy clubs, typical craft shops, stalls, restaurants and bars populate the promenade of each marina.

If, on the other hand, you want a holiday dedicated to relaxation and well-being, there is no shortage of offers in elegant spas, ancient manors and luxury hotels. It is advisable to organize trips using your own or rented vehicles, due to not widespread public transport.

Culinary & Culture

Calabria is famous for its cuisine that takes its cues from the peasant world by skilfully mixing the genuine products of the hinterland with the fruits of the fishy sea that surrounds it. Chilli, 'Nduja and red Tropea onion to accompany jams, cheeses and pickles, represent Calabria in the world. The red chilli pepper "diavolicchio" is paired with meat in 'Nduja', with fish in the unsurpassed "Rosamarina" or with pasta in the famous "ccu anchovies and sardines", or as an accompaniment to tasty bruschetta with Papaglioni garlic. Among the cured meats, the most precious Capocollo DOP and Soppressata di Calabria DOP, among the dairy products, the Butirro produced on the Sila and Pollino plateau, the Caciocavallo Silano DOP accompanied with honey and mustards or roasted on the grill, the Caprino dell 'Aspromonte and that of Limina, Musulupu and grated salted ricotta on homemade pasta including the very tasty Maccheruni col ferretto.

To end with a flourish, the delicious donuts better known as Cuddrurieddri accompanied by dried figs of Cosenza DOP and, for the sweet tooth, a fresh frozen nougat with Calabrian licorice or the famous Buccunotto di Amantea, a sweet filled with chocolate and spices.

Despite we know all of these specialties would be very tempting, please do not forget to stick to your diet, having just small bites or sips of these succulent temptations!


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