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Bon bini mi dushi!

This means ‘Welcome my darling’ in Papiamentu, the local language of Curacao, a small paradise in the middle of the ABC islands group in the Southern Caribbean, just about 100km north of Venezuela.

Crystal clear waters packed with colourful fish, nosy turtles and stunning white sandy beaches are widely spread on Curacao. But the island has more to offer: Dive into the vibrant and a colourful cultural life in and around the capital city of Willemstad with a broad variety of beach clubs, restaurants pubs and local stands selling fresh caught fish and one of a kind, handmade souvenirs.

The Nephrocare Dialysis clinic of Willemstad is located right in the city center in close vicinity to a broad variety of hotels, restaurants and sights. Your perfect opportunity to spend your vacation in this Caribbean paradise whilst receiving your regular treatments.

Activities & Sights

Depending on your preferences you can book yourself into one of the guided tours around the island to visit the most popular places of Curacao with a group tourists. Due to the small size of the island it is also very comfy and affordable to rent a car yourself and discover the island on your own pace. And as there is just one highway, chances of getting lost are low.

Historic Willemstad

You won’t need a car to start your discovery tour in the colourful capital Willemstad with its many traces of the island’s history and the famous harbour. Take the opportunity to cross Konigin Emma Bridge, which is at the same time the gate of Willemstad’s harbour and the only bridge in the world that is able to shift open whenever ships want to enter or leave. A siren is activated shorty before the bridge opens up. But don’t worry if you cannot make it off the bridge in time: You can stay on there and watch the ships go by, it just takes a couple of minutes that you can make good use of by taking the perfect picture of the world famous front row of colourful colonial houses of Otrabanda, facing the bridge. And if you are lucky, you can watch one of the big cruise ships arriving Willemstad for shore leave.

Along the harbour of Willemstad you can also discover the ancient Rif Fort of Punda, which used to be a defence facility in the 19th century and on the opposite side the swimming market stands of vendors offer fresh fruits and vegetables they ship directly from closely located Venezuelan coast.

If you are up to relaxing on miraculous beaches alongside hip and chilled beach clubs offering sunbeds, food & drinks and music, Jan Thiel is your go-to place. In this district, approximately a 25 minutes drive by car or bus from Willemstad, you will find several beach front resorts with cosy sunbeds, white sandy beaches and beach clubs which are open to day guests as well.

Discovering Curacao’s beaches

Curacao has many things to offer, but it’s Caribbean beaches along the Western coastline are for sure the most attractive places to visit. Leaving Willemstad by car it is a 30km drive past the beautiful colonial “Landhuis Jan Kok”, today home to the arts gallery of local painter Nena Sanchez, to reach Playa Porto Marie. The light blue colours of the ocean paired with the white sands will take your breath away. Sunbeds are available for charge, spotting one of the wild pigs occasionally visiting the beach is for free.

Heading further along the coast, your next stop could be Playa Cas Abao, accessible via a small road exiting the highway and just as beautiful as Playa Porto Marie, plus you can also buy drinks and food at the beach restaurant if you are hungry.

In the further course of the coastline you have the option to visit several smaller beaches, each of them being a bit more remote and accessible via small sideroads. More easy to reach as it is located just next to the mainroad “Weg naar Westpunt” is Playa Lagun: This small beach is stretching across ca. 250 meters only between two opposing rock faces and therefore has a fantastic scenery. If you arrive early enough you can watch the local fishermen reach shore and directly selling their fresh fish.

Following down the main road towards the northern end of the island called “Westpunt”, Playa Kalki is definitely worth another stopover. If you are adventurous, a bumpy road leads visitors to Watamula Hole, a large, round opening in the cliffs of the North-Western coastline through which the strong swell pushes fountains of water into the air, a breath taking natural spectacle.

Encounters with Caribbean wildlife

Despite the small size of the island, Curacao is also home to a variety of wildlife which you can encounter if you know where and when to look for it. Apart from the mentioned beach pigs of Playa Porto Mari, you will meet pelicans above the water and colourful fish underneath whenever you snorkel at one of the beaches. Just opposite the “Landhuis Jan Kok” and next to the main road a large group of Flamingos lives in the wide stretched saline lakes. You can just park your car alongside the road, take a few steps towards the salines and watch the Flamingos feeding off small crawfish. The undisputed highlight though are the sea turtles frequently visiting the shores of curacao. In case you rent a car yourself here is an insider tip for you: Visit Playa Grandi, located just next to the main road near Westpunt. Starting in the late morning the local fishermen gut their fish and throw the waste materials into the shore, drawing a regular group of sea turtles that feed from the fish parts. As Playa Grandi is a public beach, you can just park your car, put on your swimmers and swim or snorkel with the turtles as long as you want, for free. Isn’t that great?


Curacao offers a broad variety of accommodations, so depending on your budget and preferences, you will for sure find the right place to stay. You can choose from modern beachfront resorts in and around Jan Thiel district and Piscadera Bay or stay in one of the colourful boutique hotels in Pietermaai and Willemstad. Since the distance from one to the other end of the island is just about 65km, all the interesting places are in close vicinity.

Culinary & Culture

Curacao offers a very characteristic cuisine reflecting the Caribbean and Dutch influences on the island’s history and culture. Fresh fish, either baked or grilled, local stews and different variations of fried potatoes will make your mouth water. However, many dishes tend to be heavy so you should look after your diet and limit your portions accordingly.

Especially in Willemstad and Pietermaai you will find a rich mixture of restaurants and diners, catering for different tastes and styles from local specialties, simple food stands serving fresh fish and a more modern fusion kitchen.


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