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During treatment

Make yourself comfortable, the nurse will then measure your:

  • Blood pressure
  • Pulse
  • Body temperature, if you have a central venous catheter 
  • Please tell your nurse or physician if you encountered any new physical problems since the last dialysis session.
  • He/she will evaluate your health condition and set the treatment parameters correctly for you. 
  • The nurse will assess your fistula status 
  • He/she will then take care of your connection.
  • During your session there will be periodical checks of your blood pressure and pulse and you can tell the nurse how you feel. 
  • You will be administered some medication during treatment
  • If you need any assistance during treatment time, please just let a staff member know who will be happy to help you. 
  • For your entertainment during treatment, you will have a TV set with headphones and a DVD player at your disposal.
  • You will be served a small snack and drink. Or: You may want to eat the small snack that you have brought with you.
  • The nurse will disconnect you upon completion of the set treatment time.

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After treatment

You may be asked to hold a plaster on the connection site and may need to stay in your chair for a couple of minutes.