Guidance for your well-being

Treatment routine

It doesn’t take long for dialysis sessions at our centres to become pure routine for you: you arrive, you’re weighed, you go to your allocated dialysis point where you’re connected to the dialysis machine – and the session begins. Relax! Your NephroCare team is ready for you and will have everything prepared!

Rest assured; we’ll do all we can to make sure you feel comfortable. Additionally, you also have a very important role to play; your long term wellbeing will also depend to a large degree on your own initiative. Stay active, ask for the information you need and talk to the NephroCare team.

NephroCare etiquette

Our goal is to take the best care of you and make your stay in our centre a safe and pleasant one. We believe that we can all contribute to this goal by showing consideration for others.

We all...

  • ...spend a lot of time together – let’s treat each other with respect. 
  • ...know that time is precious for everybody – let’s be on time and stick to the schedule.
  • ...deserve a calm atmosphere – let’s keep noise to a minimum. 
  • clean and orderly surroundings – let’s take good care of the equipment and furniture. 
  • ...know that infection puts you and others in danger – let’s pay attention to hygiene.
  • ...need the support of others – let’s listen to each other.

Safety first

We want you to be safe during your time spent in the dialysis centre, so we try to minimise potential hazards. Our staff are trained in health and safety subjects, but we would like you to contribute as a patient to maintaining a safe environment.

  • Slips, trips and falls are the most common hazards within a healthcare environment so take your time when moving around the centre. Don’t rush.
  • Take care when climbing stairs and always hold on to the handrail. 
  • Use lifts where provided and stay within the patient-assigned rooms.
  • If you notice any hazards, or accidentally spill something please inform the staff.
  • Don’t leave things on the floor and keep your personal belongings on the tables provided by your dialysis chair in the treatment area.
  • Please wear shoes or slippers in the unit, as you are more likely to slip in socks.
  • Don’t touch or tamper with dialysis monitors or any other equipment or medications.
  • Mobile phones may not be used in the dialysis room as they can cause interference with medical equipment.
  • Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in any part of the centre.

Hygiene and infection control

Hygiene and infection control are very important for your treatment. There are many ways you can help to minimise the risk of infection when you are at the dialysis unit:

  • Always wash your hands when you arrive and leave the unit.
  • If you bring a bag into the dialysis room, keep it away from the tops of trolley bins and dialysis machines. 
  • Always ask the nurse for gloves if you are holding a plaster on your cannulation sites after needle removal and make sure your hands are clean when you leave the dialysis ward.
  • Use the right rubbish bins: black bags are for general waste and the coloured bags (yellow or orange) are for clinical waste such as used dressings and lines. The yellow boxes are for the disposal of sharp items.
  • Remember to always use the foot pedal to open the bin, not your hands.

If you have a fistula or graft, always wash your fistula arm before your dialysis treatment begins. Wash basins are located in each treatment area.