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Beat the winter blues – maintain your energy levels!

Just as a car needs fuel to run, we need sufficient energy for all our activities, be it mental or physical. If you have too little energy, you feel tired and weak, your body is more susceptible to infections, and you may lack the motivation and...[more]

Tue. Oct 28, 2014

Get a glimpse of the new NephroCare for me!

The winter edition of the NephroCare for me magazine is out now and this year we promised ourselves to make a conscious effort to appreciate all winter has to offer – and we invite you to join us!

If you’re like many of us, it may be that you greet...[more]

Wed. Oct 15, 2014

Transplant goal: Always have faith!

Maria Rosaria Tammaro’s life in dialysis began at the age of 12 when she had to start treatment because of a congenital deformation of the urinary tract. For Rosaria this was not easy, as the regular dialysis sessions and her poor health meant that...[more]

Tue. Sep 30, 2014

Exchange of information and experience on patient-centred renal care at the 43rd EDTNA/ERCA International Conference in Riga

From September 6 to 9, the 43rd EDTNA/ERCA International Conference took place in Riga, Latvia, with nearly 1000 participants taking part in the event. The aim of the annual EDTNA/ERCA International Conference is to enable an exchange between nurses...[more]

Tue. Sep 23, 2014

The newly opened dialysis centre in Terrassa is a pioneer, combining sustainability, functionality and efficiency for the comfort of the patients!

Dialysis therapy consumes a lot of resources. To treat a patient three times a week for several hours requires large amounts of energy, water and disposable medical products. The environmental balance of an average haemodialysis session is...[more]

Thu. Aug 28, 2014

Diabetes and dialysis do not signify the end for tasty food. Enjoy your meal with diabetes and Good Food!

Having diabetes and being on dialysis does not mean that you have to deny yourself all your favourite foods. In fact, you can still treat yourself to some fine food. By following the five Good Food Routines, keeping track on your carbohydrate uptake...[more]

Tue. Jul 29, 2014

Let’s go on holidays …. to Spain

Think of Spain, and you think of sun. And whoever thinks of the sun, is often also thinking about sea and sand. Spain has an abundance of all three. From north to south and east to west there could hardly be greater contrasts.

In the north you will...[more]

Tue. Jul 08, 2014

Enjoy your vacation in Antalya with NephroCare!

Antalya, the Turkish Riviera is the most stunning part of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, and offers perfect vacation options for dialysis patients in every season.

The view of the stupendous Taurus Mountains and the turquoise sea can be seen along...[more]

Tue. Jun 17, 2014

Where are you going on holiday this year? Discover how to travel on dialysis with NephroCare!

Being on dialysis does not mean the end of enjoying holidays!

Our Holiday dialysis support service makes it possible for patients to travel abroad and continue to receive dialysis treatments as if they were at home. You can continue enjoy an...[more]

Tue. Jun 03, 2014

The summer edition of NephroCare for me is online!

We are happy to present you this year’s summer edition of NephroCare for me.

The patient magazine provides valuable information on a variety of topics that are of interest for the patients, their families or close friends.

In this summer edition...[more]

Mon. May 12, 2014