Control your liquids and switch from salt to herbs and spices

Bear in mind that liquids include both drinks – water, coffee, tea – and liquid-based foods such as drinking yoghurt, ice cream or soup. Liquids from other food still have to be added on top.

The amount of liquids you need daily has to be determined by your doctor. Usually this means 0.5 litres plus your remaining urine excretion (over 24 hours).

Drinking very low quantities is clearly one of the most difficult changes in your nutrition. An easy way to keep track of your liquid intake is to take a bottle of water containing your complete daily liquid allowance along during the day. Or when sitting at the dinner table, simply use smaller glasses to trick your mind!

In our culture salt is a very commonly used condiment. But in other parts of the world, salt is hardly used at all. In these cultures, herbs and spices are used instead. And of course there is no reason why we couldn’t do this too. Start substituting salt with flavours like garlic, onion, celery, or a bit of vinegar, and use herbs like chives, parsley, oregano, thyme, etc. You will increase the taste sensation and decrease the risk of health problems immensely.