Our culture

"Creating a future worth living. For patients. Worldwide. Every day."

Our purpose unites all of us at Fresenius Medical Care.

NephroCare is Fresenius Medical Care’s provider business. We provide services in dialysis centres in more than 40 countries across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Today, our more then 31,000 employees working at over 1,000 NephroCare centers treat more than 100,000 patients, providing about 16 million treatments per year.

We want

to deliver the highest possible quality of care to improve the wellbeing of every patient, every day, setting the standard for renal care.

We are

a leading dialysis provider in our region. We manage care in a value-based system to continuously create value for our patients, employees and partners in healthcare systems. Learn more about us and the NephroCare Value System.

We listen

in a clinical setting, not only technology and medical expertise are essential. Our professionals also provide a human and emotional link with the patients and as such are very important for patient compliance and well-being. Our employees are our most important asset and we learned how to make the work environment better and safer for them. Through our Employee Survey Program we are continuously assessing the working climate and employee morale and take action whenever needed. 

NephroCare is an international opportunity

Being an international network, we share our knowledge, experience and best practice. Our colleagues in NephroCare centers are training and work according our network-wide standards and procedures. In some countries, there is shortage of clinical professionals. Our colleagues have the opportunity to seek jobs and start their career in different countries, without missing the well-known practice of high-quality renal care.

Our Values guide us in our daily work to strive to achieve our purpose together


We team up. We join forces to accomplish more than what is possible individually. We know how to work together for our shared purpose and to achieve our goals as one company. We communicate openly. 

Slavojka Devic, Bosnia & Herzegovina:

After 30 years of working on dialysis, Slavojka is still doing her job with the same passion, commitment and desire to help and pass on knowledge to other colleagues. Slavojka is very good listener. She is not just listening people, but really hears what they are saying. Always calm and wise she finds time to help others and her advices are useful to all new employees, but also to patients. It never happened that she didn’t do the best she could.

Željka Fučkar, Croatia:

Željka’s nomination was written by a colleague, she met on her first day. 14 years later, this colleague describes her with these warm-hearted words: Željka brings serenity to the team with her jokes, motivates other colleagues and at the same time she is professional and dedicated to her work. She takes the initiative when needed. She never leaves things unfinished.

Rami Fuerverker, Israel: 

Rami’s colleagues know him as always willing to help & supportive to others. He is a great team player and fully dedicated to high quality care and keeps track to coordinate with the multi-functional teams and patients. He pays great attention to quality and safety and has been consistent great support for many years. He approaches the patients with a smile and is always very attentive and supportive to them.


We get things done. We see opportunities where others don't and challenge the status quo with a no-limits mindset. We take the initiative to make an impact with our work. We ask questions to clearly understand what needs to be done and take ownership of the results. 

Lúcia Pedro, Portugal:  

Lúcia is not shy to propose improvement suggestions in the clinic, like the redistribution of some patients inside the dialysis room to make sure they are all satisfied with their connection and disconnection timings. Since the launch of “myCompanion” in Portugal, she constantly motivates patients to install and fully use the app. She takes the time to consult patient on the use of the app, one by one.

Carlo Elemento, Italy:

Carlo is a dialysis nurse for 24 year. He has always been enthusiastic and proactive in providing care. In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, when many were panicking by the increase of infections, he was the first nurse to volunteer as part of the dedicated COVID-19 NephroCare team for Italy.

Weronika Tomków, Poland: 

Weronika is highly committed to encourage patients to use “myCompanion” as a novelty in their treatment process. She meets with each patient to introduce the app and inform them on the use & advantages. Interest in the app turned out to be very high and the number of registered users increased noticeably. 


We do what we say. We put patients and partners first and consistently deliver exceptional service. We act with honesty and integrity, never compromising safety, quality, or the health of our patients. We show respect and lead by example. We are a trusted companion to our patients, partners, and colleagues. 

Duscia Sladoje, Bosnia & Herzegovina:

Dusica is extremely reliable and performs all tasks precisely and on time. Even though she is a single mother, she always comes to work first. During a major flood in 2014, she happened to pass by our center and saw workers rescuing devices and equipment. She stayed to help until late at night. The next day, the whole town was flooded and Dusica herself was evacuated by boat. Everyone knows that they can count on her.

Igisinova Gulnara Balgabekovna, Kazakhstan: 

Some of Igisinova’s best qualities are her reliability, responsibility and accuracy. She is quick to learn and to master the implementation of new standards. She helps to train new employees. She is known for her punctuality and degree of personal organization. She is loving towards everyone and always supports patients with kind words and actions 

Elizabeth Revach, Israel:  

In addition to her leading role in the clinic, Elizabeth is a clinical instructor that trained many Israeli nurses on our quality of care. The staff counts on her and trust her completely. She sets high standards for KT/V management in the clinic. It is very important for her to achieve good results; she will invest her full attention to assure that KPI's are well taken care of by staff and the patients are compliant with their treatment. Her colleagues describe her as symbol of a trust-worthy person with a wonderful personality. 


We exceed expectations. We are results oriented and use best practices. We continuously drive quality and progress to lead the business toward a successful future. We suggest ideas on how to improve and innovate. 

Maha Khaled, Israel:  

Maha is young nurse and already a role model for her colleagues. Her colleagues ask for her guidance and always appreciate her patience and support. She continuously works on her personal development and never stops learning and specializing. She takes an active part in implementing NC guidelines and sets higher standards to the rest of the teams. Maha is passionate in guiding patients towards transplantation. She pays pays full attention to keep the patients on the list and on time. 

Yeliz Aydin, Turkey: 

On January 24, 2020 Yeliz was about to end her shift, when a center was facing an earthquake. At this point 1 patient was still dialyzing. She made sure to stay with him in the treatment room and comfort him. She immediately started to finalize dialysis treatment and left the clinic together with the patient, when he was safe to leave.  

Simona Dascula, Romania: 

With her professionalism and understanding for patients, Simona is a role model for her colleagues. She masters the techniques precisely and cares for patients with great empathy and respect. She is driven to continuously improve her skills and providing outstanding care is natural to her, because human lives are more precious than any other treasure. 

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