Working in the NephroCare team

The multidisciplinary dialysis centre

The dialysis centre is led by a clinic medical director specialized in nephrology, and a clinic head nurse, responsible for the management of the medical and nursing staff respectively.

Each treatment shift is supervised by a physician (except in the case of a Limited Care Unit (LCU)) and a renal nurse is assigned to realize the dialysis treatment of up to 4-6 patients, depending on the level of assistance required by local regulations. The renal nurses are assisted by healthcare assistants, depending on the country requirements. Depending on their size and location, the dialysis centre may have additional administrative and technical support staff.

Our nephrologists

are experts in electrolyte disorders management acid- base metabolism, arterial hypertension, auto immune and metabolic diseases and prescribe the patient specific therapy for each of our patients.

Our nurses

are experts in nephrological nursing and bringing the best possible care to our patients. They often build lasting bonds to them and their families. Taking care for our patients, nurses treat, educate and support our patients along their journey with dialysis. Our nurses can work in our NephroCare dialysis centres, in hospital-based acute dialysis or they can remotely support patients who perform dialysis at home.

Our healthcare assistants

also work directly with patients and their families. Together with our nurses, they support our patients lead longer, better and healthier lives.

Besides the dialysis treatment, NephroCare also provides multi disciplinary support to those dialysis patients who require the report of a psychologist, dietician or social worker.

A multidisciplinary monthly meeting (Clinic Review) is organized and conducted by the medical director to analyze the overall results and improve the health status of each individual patient; such meetings improve communication and create a shared atmosphere and coordinates the care provided at our dialysis centre.

Working in the NephroCare team