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Patient with early-stage kidney disease

I have Early-stage Kidney disease

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Patient with late-stage kidney disease

I have Late-stage Kidney disease

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Health care professional  who is working on dialysis

I am Working on Dialysis

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Winter’s arrival doesn’t have to mean the end of delicious fresh vegetables. While the selection is not as colourful or broad as in spring, summer and autumn, there are still plenty of...More

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NephroCare Travel Destinations


World-renowned for its food and wine, culture and lifestyle, it’s no wonder that France is the world’s most-visited country.

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Holidays with dialysis - destination France

Along with Spain's coast, culture and climate, many people are also fascinated by the relaxed way of life. 

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Every year, some 17 million tourists come to Portugal to enjoy its warm climate and beautiful landscapes.

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Holidays with dialysis - destination Portugal

With a population of just 2 million, Slovenia is one of Europe’s smallest countries, yet also one of its most beautiful and diverse. 

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Holiday with dialysis - destination Slovenia

Living with Kidney Failure

Former dialysis patient Nilay

Nilay’s story

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diabetes, sugar cubes

Diabetes: What you should know

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