New NephroCare for me edition Summer 2021

Our new summer edition of NephroCare for me is now available. The magazine is coming in a new design. Enjoy the fresh look and all the inspiring stories in it.

Our last issue had a topic that is still affecting us today – the Covid-19 pandemic. More than a year after it started to affect us, we are still on our way back to what we call a normal life. As much as we all would love to go on a wonderful vacation this summer, we will again not be able to do that.  

But we can at least think about traveling, plan ahead and enjoy the anticipation. And that’s what we will do in this issue. We will take you to the Netherlands and enjoy an imaginary trip to one of Europe’s most beautiful countries. After an acquisition last summer, Amsterdam is now part of the NephroCare network. It is centrally located and offers holiday dialysis services. 

This is a very special year for us at NephroCare. With our network of dialysis clinics in Europe, Middle East and Africa we are part of the Fresenius Medical Care corporate group which is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2021. In 1996, the Fresenius Medical Care corporate group was founded and was listed as Fresenius Medical Care AG at the stock exchange in New York and Frankfurt am Main. Join us in looking back at a quarter century of dialysis care. 

There is another great reason to celebrate. It’s the extraordinary story of our center in a small city in Spain that was awarded the Medal of Honor of their home town – and it all happened because of a recommendation by one of the clinic’s patients.

The magazine also comes with some really tasty recipes, effective and easy exercises for the body, some for the brain as well. Also, we will talk about the Patient Experience Survey to encourage our patients to be part of it.  

We hope you will enjoy reading this issue as we enjoyed creating it. You can start reading here