Patient experience survey

When we are really good at something the best among us want to become even better. But how? By finding out what is working well and what can be done better. It is our ambition to provide the best care possible. And the person that can help us do that is – you. Here’s how.

Every time we welcome a patient in one of our dialysis centers, we want to make sure that their experience is as pleasant as possible and that the care and treatment they receive is excellent. 

Of course, there are always two perspectives – the one of the caregiver and the one of the patient. And as much as we can try as caregivers, it is almost impossible for us to fully take the view of the patient. 

That’s why we regularly conduct our Patient Experience Survey. It’s our way of getting as close to understanding how you feel about us as your care provider. 

What is it like? 

We all have done surveys before. Most of them try to find out whether we are satisfied with a service or a product. We did that as well – but we found out that the results usually only reflect on what people think about us, not much about how they experience us. 

This may not sound like much of a difference. But it is. Imagine someone asking whether you like going to the beach or not – or being asked what it’s like for you to spend time there, being asked what you like to do, how your experience could be made even more enjoyable. 

It leads to better results as well. Your impression of us as a company is important, but it’s even more valuable to know how you feel, what part of your stay at our center is making you feel good, which aspects of it show room for improvement.

It gives us the chance to be better next time you visit us.