Staying active on dialysis

Dialysis helps you getting on the road to feeling better. It may take a little while, but your energy levels should eventually improve.

You can get back to doing the activities you enjoy as long as you don’t find them too exhausting - you should always check with your doctor first. Never hesitate, if you have any question regarding different kinds of sport or their intensity.

To obtain the benefits of staying active, consider getting involved with hobbies or groups that mean something to you. Reach out to people from social groups and reconnect with people with whom you have been in contact before. Look into hobby groups like knitting, painting or supper clubs in your area. Start a book club. Volunteer for a cause that’s important to you. Look for local programs or activities in your community.  

Exercise is any kind of physical activity, so don’t think you can’t do it. Simply taking a walk is exercise that provides you with immediate and ongoing benefits. No need to especially take up a sport or join a gym.

Doing just a little more physical activity every day is great for your health — and getting into a regular exercise routine is even better. We created physical exercise tutorials for strength, aerobic, balance and flexibility, which you can do at home.