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Summer recipes

Grilled salmon with honey glaze

Are you craving something fresh and tasty during the summer? Enjoy our easy-to-prepare recipes. For example, check out our dessert– it is refreshingly low in phosphate.

Prepare our lemon ricotta tartlets for an afternoon tea or take them with you on a picnic with friends. Ricotta is good for the heart, for muscle power and for your eyesight. It is also very refreshing when combined with the juice and zest of a lemon. The recipe makes 12 tartlets. Moreover, grilled salmon with a honey glaze is light cuisine and is suitable for dialysis patients. In our recipe, the salmon stays deliciously succulent and the caramelised glaze lends a slightly sweet touch. Click here if you want to cook summer dishes yourself. You can find many more inspiring recipes in our recipe library.

Grilled salmon with honey glaze