Thriving while on dialysis – with a fulfilling job

It is possible to be professionally fulfilled while on dialysis. In our recent article, three fellow patients tell us how they master their diagnosis at their workplaces.

Hakan Kara owns a logistics company. Running his own business gives him the flexibility to take time off for his dialysis appointments. As his job often takes him out of town, he makes use of the many NephroCare centres in Turkey to schedule his dialysis treatments in other cities. Additionally, the head nurse at his hometown centre supports him in making the appointments.

Hakan is one of three dialysis patients who share their experience of coordinating their jobs and regular dialysis appointments. They tell us how they shared the news about their diagnoses with their colleagues at work and how they meet challenges that occur when trying to reconcile their treatment hours and working hours. Their advice on how to continue working during dialysis is based on experience and all three speak from the heart. Meet Hakan, Ciulică and Stjepan here.