Vitamins – essential to your health

Vitamins are organic nutrients that help your body use the food you eat. They’re absolutely essential for functions such as energy, growth and repair – but only in the right amount.

Vitamins are an important part of everyone’s diet, especially for kidney patients, who are particularly susceptible to deficiencies. Vitamin deficiencies develop slowly over time and can occur due to abnormal renal metabolism, inadequate gastrointestinal absorption, and loss of vitamins as they are “washed out” during dialysis. If you have a vitamin deficiency, you may experience a depressed immune system.

Nevertheless, it’s important that renal patients do not take over-the-counter vitamin supplements designed for people with healthy kidneys. Chronic kidney disease changes your body’s need for certain nutrients, and as the kidneys stop functioning, some vitamins can accumulate in harmful amounts. This means you need to limit or even avoid certain vitamins.

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