Where your soul sets the pace: Hiking and biking on scenic routes

Two very recreational and enjoyable ways of getting around are hiking and biking. We accompany you on guided tours to unique places off the beaten track in Europe, either on foot or by bike.

Have you ever dreamt of leisurely discovering parts of France, Madeira, Istria or the Baltic Coast? That is where our article takes you. Travel with us to the Loire Valley in France and enjoy sightseeing in and around the beautiful castles. Or discover the ``new Tuscany´´ on the Adriatic Coast in Croatia. All of these destinations offer visitors the opportunity to take guided tours through the heart of nature. Many travel agencies offer full-service tours for hikers and bikers. They enable tourists to fully focus on the joys of the surrounding landscape while letting the travel agency take care of the logistics. Furthermore, we chose regions where a nearby NephroCare centre can host your dialysis appointment. Click here to learn more.