Winter recipes

Wintertime would not be the same without food to warm us from the inside.

Our recipes are tasty and have been specially developed by our nutritionist for patients on dialysis.

The upcoming Christmas season will be full of sweet temptations. Therefore, we made sure that you can try our recipes with a clear conscience. We have butternut squash muffins with apple, because winter without muffins would be gloomy, wouldn’t it? Then there is kutia, a traditional Polish Christmas dish. If you are a fan of Christmas cookies, you might like to bake gingerbread. Or what about trying out the Swedish version this year, pepparkakor? Long before Christmas, when the days are getting shorter and temperatures are beginning to drop, it might be nice to come home to fresh pumpkin cookies.

Not everybody has a sweet tooth, so we have also assembled some hearty dishes. Are roasted Brussels sprouts or spaghetti with meatballs more to your liking? You can find all the recipes here:


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