I enjoy working with people and helping them

Weronika Tomków is 25 years old, lives and works in Leszno, Poland. 
She has been working as a nurse for 2,5 years, as soon as she finished her bachelor degree, she joined NephroCare

What do you do when you don’t work? Do you have special hobbies?
I try to make the best of my free time. I like listening to music, reading books, meeting my friends. Since two years my biggest passion now is riding a motorcycle. 

When did you know that you wanted to become a nurse? 
After finishing high school, I found an advertisement of nursing faculty at one of the universities and thought: Why not? Studying nursing is very interesting, so I was eager to continue it. Our first practical classes proved that my decision about nursing was right. 

What was your motivation/ the most convincing aspect for you to become a renal nurse?
During my internship, I noticed that I enjoy working with people and helping them. Meeting them gave me lessons of life. I got to know their stories. Why renal nursing? I think that working for years with the same patients allows us to really know each other and the atmosphere at work is truly a family like. 

I would like to share my belief with patients, that needing dialysis is not the end of the world. Just the opposite. It is beginning of a new life – different, with some limitations, but a life that can still be beautiful and more intense. Patients can enjoy being a grandmother or a grandfather, mother and father. They can still be a part of the joy of life.

What is the most important value/ quality a renal nurse should have?
I think the most important values of a renal nurse are patience and understanding. While working with people, a nurse should be outgoing, emphatic and caring. 

How would you describe your relationship with your patients? 
Because we meet our patients every day, I think our relationships are great. In my opinion the bond between a patient and a nurse, should be built on trust. I see my patients more often than my family or friends, so I think that both sides should care about good contact, based on understanding and respect. 

How would you describe the atmosphere with your colleagues? 
When I first started at NephroCare, even with the age difference, my colleagues were friendly, nice, open and supportive. I admire my Head Nurse, who in the beginning of my nursing career, patiently taught me everything. 

I think our team spirit is built on openness. We know that we can be helpful to each other, I think we are a very good team.