Meet our Corporate Value Winners 2021

Also in 2021, we honored our Corporate Value Winners, who work in our NephroCare clinics. We want to thank them for their great contribution and living up to our company’s values every day.


Imren Kahraman won the Collaborative award for volunteering in her clinic to treat patients in the Covid-19 isolation area, in order to protect her colleagues from possible infection.
We awarded Dr. Yuksel Yucedag with the Proactive award because of his great contribution during the Covid-19 pandemic.
We awarded Joana Evangelista with the Collaborative award because of her great coordination during the Covid-19 pandemic.
For her great cooperation and problem-solving skills, Paula Alegre received the Reliable award.
Our Polish colleague Joana Wysocka received the Reliable award for continuous support to her colleagues.
Nadine Rodriguez Cabezas won the Proactive award for her great ideas and workshops to engage the patients at NephroCare Porto Cristo.

Please introduce yourself briefly and your role at Fresenius Medical Care

Paula: My name is Paula Alegre and I am clinical secretary at NephroCare Portimão for 20 years.

Imren: My name is Imren Kahraman. I live in Manisa, Akhisar. I was born in 1993. I was graduated from Akhisar Anatolian Health Vocational High School in the department of nursing. I first started my career as an injection nurse in a health center. After working there for one year, I researched Fresenius Medical Care and applied for a job based on the recommendation of a friend. I have been working as a dialysis nurse at Fresenius Medical Care for ten years. I have been volunteering as a pandemic nurse since the Covid-19 pandemic started. 

Joana E.: I am a nurse since 2009. I have worked in several areas of nursing, since July 2018 I work at NephroCare. For me being a reference nurse for a group of patients, who are being treated, goes beyond the dialysis treatment.

Joana W.: I have been working at our company for 18 years. I work as a nurse in the dialysis center in Kwidzyn, a small town in Pomerania. I also act as a person supervising the diets of our patients.

Nadine: My name is Nadine Rodriguez Cabezas, I am 35 years old and originally, I am from Kassel, in Germany. I live with my husband and two children in Cala Millor, Spain. At NephroCare in Porto Cristo, I have been working as a nurse for almost two years now.

Yuksel: My name is Yuksel Yucedag. I am 49 years old. I am a medical doctor. I am married and we have a 15 years old son. I have been working as a Clinic Medical Director at NephroCare for 17 years.

What do you like to do in your free time? Do you have any special hobbies?

Imren: I like reading books in my spare time. I generally enjoy reading and researching psychology. I enjoy improving myself and learning new things. I have a group of special friends with a physical disability and I love spending time with them. We go to the theaters, concerts, movies, football matches and everywhere together and we are having so much fun. I love living life to the fullest, researching and empathizing with people.

Joana E.: During the pandemic, I spend a lot of time being at home listening to music or watching movie and series. However, I really like going to the beach if time permits. I love to walk, travel, discover new places and cultures, I like to swim and to go to the theater and to the movies.

Paula: In my free time I like to go hiking, playing and spending time with my children, listening to music, reading and watching movies.

Joana W.: Privately, I love animals, especially my wonderful cat. All beings, big and small, have a heart and they will surely reciprocate when we show ours to them.

Nadine: In my free time, I like to go for a drink or go inline skating with my children to make the most of myself. I love nature, especially here on this beautiful island. On weekends I like to plan excursions with my family and friends.

Yuksel: Even though I do not have much free time due to busy working hours, I like to spend my time with my pets and I am very much interested in angling and rosary collection. 

Our company's mission is to create a future worth living in. For patients. All over the world. Every day. What does this mean for you in your daily work?

Imren: The intention of all our efforts is to provide our patients the best-possible level of health and quality of life. By empathizing, socializing and training them, we help patients learn how to live with their diseases. At the same time, with the procedures, treatments, practices and services we provide, we try to increase their quality of life, to ensure that they receive better treatment, to become more conscious and more motivated individuals and to live a healthier and higher quality life without being isolated from life. That's why we need to be sensitive, altruistic, conscious, understanding, reliable, devoted, confident and smiling towards them at all times. For this reason, we try to do our best together with my teammates. 

Joana E.: I identify myself a lot with the values of our company. In fact, since always I have a utopian illusion that this world can be better and that it is possible to modify everything that is around us, however over the years I have realized that things are not quite like that and that we have to adapt to the society. I am happy to be part of a company that seeks these values, because I personally practice them every day and it my philosophy of life.

Even though I am aware that it is not possible to change an entire society, but I know our micro-society as a company can move in the right direction. I guarantee I will always have that commitment and collaboration. It has to be everyone's and for everyone.

Paula: My personal and professional mission is to improve the future so that I and all those around me can live better. This is what makes me get up every day, both on good and less good days. I face all challenges with the best dedication and the best possible commitment. Without this, it doesn’t make to wake up and move on.

Joana W.:  In my everyday work, I try to show kindness and respect for my patients and colleagues. I would like our patients to feel that they can count on my help and rely on my care. I try to help in every sense of the word, not only by alleviate suffering, but also through simple conversations and listening. I know from experience that showing interest in others’ problems has positive results. At the dialysis center, we have many elderly patients who are really waiting for a cordial and understanding conversations.

Nadine: I see the work in dialysis as a challenge. It is not only about carrying out dialysis treatment, but also about being there for your patients. To advise them, to listen to them and to accompany them. For most patients, it is difficult to accept the diagnosis and the dialysis therapy. This is a process in which it is important to meet them with understanding and patience and to be supportive with advice and medical competence.

Yuksel: The aim of my devoted work is to provide quality, well-being and longevity to our patients not only during ordinary times, but even in extreme situations such as natural disasters. Therefore, in order to ensure the sustainability of the Fresenius Medical Care culture, the continuity of the current working style and this quality of work is essential.  I consider core values and compliance as essential factors.