Nurse since a quarter of a century

Carlo Elemento is 53 years old and is working as a nurse for over 25 years, with NephroCare Italy for 20 years.

Carlo, what do you do when you don’t work? Do you have special hobbies?
I have two hobbies that help me relax: I love cooking and watching TV series.
My typical day is spent at work for at least 50% of my time. The rest of the day is completely dedicated to my wonderful family and to the newest member - a small dog named Ciko,  who I have just adopted.

When did you know that you wanted to become a nurse? 
I like to think that becoming a nurse was yet another gift left to me by my dad: Unfortunately in adolescence, I was forced to assist my father who was suffering from a myocardial infarction. That experience of suffering and worrying shaped my future and let me on the path to make me the nurse I am today.

The inital choice of the nephrological field was mostly random.  However, it has gradually become conscientious and a passion that has grown day by day to become a real professional mission.

Working in a dialysis center has stimulated my desire to become a complete nurse. Without initially realizing it, it improved my communication skills in such a spontaneous and natural way. By listening to patients as people before anything else, it allows us to add value and greater satisfaction to their care needs.

What is the most important value/ quality a renal nurse should have?

How would you describe your relationship with your patients? 
Every day, I consider the relationship with patients very special. I like to keep them happy during their stay in our dialysis center.

Some time ago a patient told me a phrase that filled my heart: "You are our Patch Adams dressed as a Nurse because you are always smiling when you are at work and the time on dialysis passes faster and the therapy seems less hard to deal with."
This is probably the most important emotional professional recognition I have received in my career that I will always carry with me.

Is there something you wish more patients knew or would pay more attention to?
All patients should enter dialysis by receiving the necessary health education about their disease, its progression, the principles of dialysis and how it will change their life and that of their family members. He should always be informed about the importance of physical activity and lifestyle and the importance of following the therapeutic indications appropriately.Also they should know how to take care of their vascular access and on the possible possibilities of receiving a transplant.

How would you describe the atmosphere with your colleagues? 
The relationship with my colleagues is splendid.

How does a day in the clinic look like for you as a team?
In our team there is understanding, collaboration, healthy competition as in all teams that deserve respect. Of course, there is an occasional misunderstanding but then, after fair and frank clarification, the team is once again united with a single common goal: “Taking care of patients”.