The trust of the patients in us is important

Gulnara Igisinova is working as a nurse since 2001. She started in an infectious diseases hospital and from 2013, since the opening of our center in Almaty, Kazakhstan, she is part of the NephroCare team.

What do you do when you don’t work? Do you have special hobbies?
Outside of work, I focus on my three children, two older girls and a little son. My favorite hobby is spending time with my children in nature, walking in fresh air and capturing pleasant moments as a keepsake. An ordinary day in my life is spent taking care of my family, I like to cook and pamper my relatives with dishes as they wish.

When did you know that you wanted to become a nurse?    
During my childhood, a lonely grandmother lived next to us who was often sick and asked for help. She always said: Go to work as a nurse because you are very compassionate, attentive, kind and responsive. Immediately after leaving school, when choosing a profession, I chose the profession of a nurse. 

Before joining NephroCare, I worked as a nurse at the Military Clinical Hospital in the intensive care unit, where I had to deal with patients with renal failure. When the clinic opened, a colleague offered me a job at NephroCare in Almaty. When we came to see the work, I really liked it.

What is the most important value/ quality a renal nurse should have?  
First of all, an important quality is, the trust of patients in the employees. The patient spends an important part of his life with us. Their trust and our reliability are key.

How would you describe your relationship with your patients?  
I always treat patients with attentiveness, care and responsibility. I always try to listen to them, support them at the right time. 

Do you remember one story of a patient which makes you particularly proud to be a nurse? 
There are many stories, but the most important thing for me is saving lives. Providing emergency care when needed. Bringing patients back to life is a proud and joyful moment. 

How would you describe the atmosphere with your colleagues?  
My colleagues are one big friendly family, since we spend most of our lives at work. We share our joys, worry about each other, give each other the necessary support and valuable advice. 

How does a day in the clinic look like for you as a team? 
The work of our team is very responsible and interesting. We are constantly trying to improve our skills, we are introducing NephroCare standards with great interest.